Alumtriss has made professionalism one of its core values, in addition to providing its customers with the best products from Israel and from the rest of the world. Providing professional service is one of our top priorities. We give serious consideration to the particular needs of each and every of our customers in order to find the best ways to meet their demands.

We recently set up a division dedicated to serving professionals such as architects and interior designers who work on designing the perfect homes for their clients.

If you are an architect or an interior designer, Alumtriss will work with you to realize any dream, vision or whim of your customers, as extraordinary as it might be, and give you the perfect technical solution to any demand. Our technical division is ready to answer any question. We invite you to consult with us whenever you feel a need for an additional creative viewpoint and for assessment of the technical feasibility of any idea.

Our technical division, together with the production team in our factory, will help you in thinking about the problem, prepare shop drawings, provide architectural advice and do the necessary research and development in order to find the perfect solution.

On our website you can enjoy technical information, drawings, up-to-date catalogs and pictures.

Architects are welcome to write to us to or to call us on

 1-800-222-595. We will be glad to help, advise and share our knowledge and experience, without any commitment on your part.