EscoPack – pecifications

EscoPack is a system of sliding doors and windows with rails concealed in the floor and ceiling. The product was developed by a team of highly experienced aluminum professionals: Uri Abir, Alik Abir and Ronen Levi. The trend towards narrow lines triggered the development of a system of aluminum doors and windows with minimal frame surface and maximum glass surface.

Prominent among the advantages of this product is the easy sliding mechanism that keeps working flawlessly for a long time thanks to a set of durable rust-resistant wheels and tracks that were specially developed by a team of engineers in Italy and the United States and adhere to strict standards. In addition, a concealed electromagnetic locking mechanism allows for top and bottom locking.

The EscoPack system is highly durable under harsh weather conditions and sports impressive mechanical performance.

The product is marketed in partnership with Alum Technic and Winex – established and reputable players in the industry – a partnership that delivers reliability, quality and safety to customers.

Technical specifications:

–  Protrusion of panels behind the frame: 0mm
– Interlocks profile: 22mm
– Protrusion of handle from the the surface of the panel:‎ 10mm, or sunken
– Wheels installed inside the panel
– Maximum panel weight: 350kg
– Concealed frame made of adjustable aluminum
– Maximum glazing thickness: 26mm
– Maximum panel area: 7.5 square meters.
– Maximum panel height: 4 meters.
– Maximum wind pressure: 1200 Pa /160km/h.