Retractable Roofs and Sun Rooms



The Inter Pack retractable roof is made of aluminum or wooden beams combined with glass or aluminum panels. These roofs are intended for enclosing sun rooms, balconies, swimming pools, coffee shops and restaurants. The system is suitable for enclosing spaces with overhead structures, and the structures can be either permanent or temporary. This is a reliable, quick and easy to set up building solution with proven durability under all weather conditions. The roof is sealed off from rain, wind, cold, heat, light, and noise and is available in full-glass, opaque material, or in combinations. The final configuration can also have sharp, slanted, rounded, or straight peaks, as preferred by the customer.

Technical specifications:

– Made of aluminum frame or aluminum wood, frames with thermal insulation with glass or insulating aluminum sheets
– Variety of Ral or Futura colors
– Glazing: 16mm to 150mm thick insulating panels or 4mm to 30mm thick glass
– Stainless aluminum and stainless steel products
– Dimensions are limited by the maximum sizes of aluminum profiles, glass, and aluminum insulating panels
– Minimum gradient: 3%
– Total isolation from water, wind, and noise


Roofs made of insulating aluminum panels can be fitted with shingles on top for an “American roof” look, and for perfect isolation from noise. Also available is a plaster ceiling with glass wool insulation, for perfect insulation and for a “proper room” feel.

Glass roofs can be combined with a smart glass such as Ipsol or Lowe to substantially reduce the greenhouse effect, or with layered glass in different thicknesses for acoustic isolation.


Retractable Roof

The Inter Pack retractable roof is considered the most sophisticated and advanced solution in the world of roofing. It is made of aluminum frames with different infills that move electrically or manually on rails and are collected under a fixed frame to allow through as much light as possible. These roofs are intended for sun rooms, balconies, sukkahs, patios, gardens, swimming pools, coffee shops and restaurants. The retractable roof can totally block rain, wind, cold, heat, and light and can be opened electrically or manually. The product is compliant with strict European standards and comes with a two year warranty in Israel.

Unique advantages of the Inter Pack retractable roof:

– Width of field up to 201 cm (depending on the roof’s length and position)
– Fields can be combined indefinitely to reach any width
– Maximum thickness of glazing: 20mm
– Concealed conveyor system
– Massive wheels for smooth sliding
– Up to 5 panels in a row can be combined to allow opening up to 80% of roof area
– A single field, even-numbered fields or odd-numbered fields can be moved electrically or manually.
– Manual opening mechanisms can be supplemented with electrical ones at a later stage.

Technical specifications:

– Made of quality aluminum (Aluminum 6063) in an ISO-approved factory
– Available in all colors: Ral, Futura, Anodize, Duranar
– Infilling: insulating aluminum panels, layered glass, 6mm-20mm insulating tempered glass
– Chains, cogwheels, chassis, profiles, bolts, reinforcement panels are all made of stainless metal
– Shading products: electric or manual roman curtains, electric outer blinds and electric slats
– Walls can combine a variety of moving elements : sliding, hinged, dreikip, guillotine
– Choice of electric + crank, manual, or manual + crank opening mechanisms.
– Optional remote control, as well as rain, wind and condensation sensors.
– Sizes: up to 7 meters in roof length, unlimited width (by combining fields).
– Two years warranty guarantees the quality of product.
– Minimum gradient of 18% (11 degrees).