Aluminum Wood

Alumtriss’s Aluminum wood window solutions were initially developed as a solution to the problem that windows made of natural wood could not provide full protection from weather damages. The goal was to provide better quality windows that preserve the beloved, warm, and cozy look of wood.

Aluminum wood windows and doors are a combination of quality wood profiles on the inside and classic aluminum profiles on the outside.

The combination of wood and aluminum has several advantages:

– Maintenance-free for many years outside the house.
– A warm and cozy look indoors.
– Selection of colors for the outside parts (to fit the landscape, the design, the neighbors’ etc.) and a selection of wood colors for the indoors.
– Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation as there is contact between the inner wood and the outer aluminum.

The wood and the aluminum are separated by a layer of elastic polyamide that prevents contact between the inner and outer parts. Temperature changes that affect the wood or the aluminum cannot cause damage to the unit as a whole. The continuous layer of polyamide is resistant to extreme temperature differences and with its elasticity serves as an effective shock absorber. This material is durable for many years.

The insulating glass is another advantage that contributes to the performance of aluminum wood units. It consists of two panes with space between them that provide thermal and acoustic insulation and cuts the cost of heating and cooling the house.