Shading Products

Demand has grown in recent years for effective solar protection systems in residential areas. The changing angle of sunlight throughout the day and the year calls for flexible solar protection solutions. Windows with large surface area require effective solar protection and at the same time must allow through sunlight and views of the outside world. Alumtriss distributes the shading products of NEVA, whose system provides ideal external shading solutions. The slats have a rotation level of 340 degrees and are adjustable for the changing lighting conditions throughout the day. The slats gather vertically into a narrow compartment measuring merely 135mm, which in most cases can be integrated into the wall, eliminating the need for a cumbersome external gathering compartment. Additionally, the shading can be stopped at any level without preventing the slats from being rotated.


Technical Specifications:

– Upper track made of extruded aluminum that is suitable for the Israeli climate.
– Band system is 8mm thick.
– Band holes are rounded to prevent friction.
– Motor system by Geiger, Germany.
– Concealed track in the wall.
– Upper track guard is closed by slamming and allows for quick installation.

Indoor Blinds

When thinking of installing blinds at home or in an office building, a frequent question is whether to choose internal or external shading solutions – whether to install the shades outside or inside the buildings. The decision has to take into consideration the fact that a ray of light is also a ray of heat, and when light shines through the window glass and is then stopped by a blind, heat enters the room. For this reason installing any type of shading on the outer side of the window is preferable.

Roller Blinds

The advantage of the BiRoll roller blind that we distribute and install over ordinary roller blinds is that in addition to solar protection, it also provides control over the entry of light and fresh air. This innovative multi-purpose roller blind comes also with an integrated zinc-coated metal insect screen. BiRoll blinds may be combined with ordinary roller blinds but can also be installed instead of them.

Advantages of BiRoll roller blinds:

Integrated insect screen
Allows free flow of air
Allows through indirect light
Protection against greenhouse effect and weather damage
Aesthetic cover for windows
Has a sound-damping effect
Protects against burglary

Technical specifications:
Maximum width and height: 2.5 meters.