Belgian profile SlimPack

The Uri profile is a Belgian style profile that is available only in Israel. It has its origins in the subtle iron window and door profiles that were first developed in England some hundred years ago, produced in Belgium, and from there spread all over the world. Usage of this profile in Israel began around 80 years ago, and gained momentum thanks to its relative ease of installation and low price. With time, aluminum profiles took the place of iron.

A unique aluminum Belgian profile was developed in the late 1970s by Uri Abir, founder of Alumtriss, now a company with over 40 years of reputation. These profiles for windows and sliding doors were made of aluminum in the Belgian style and combined the look of iron windows with the sealing, reliability, durability and longevity of aluminum.

Properties of models A-40 and A-50 – exclusive Alumtriss models:

– Profiles are substantially narrower than standard profiles
– Stylish and subtle
– A variety of design options to choose from
– The narrow profiles leave more space for light passage
– Reliable – no need for special maintenance
– Low maintenance and rust-resistant
– Iron-like in texture

Technical specifications:

–          Made of a quality Extal (formerly Mipromal) aluminum frame
– Available in any color: Ral, Futura, Anodize, Duranar
– Glazing: choice of layered glass (triplex) or insulating glass from 4mm to 35mm
– Metal accessories: quality latches in black or white, EPDM sealers in black or white
– Moving and fixed parts can be divided to fit the customer’s requirements
– It is possible to add sliding mesh screens
– It is possible to add all types of shutter systems
– Dimensions: external + internal‎ about 50mm; interlocks: 24 mm; mullion: 16mm to 30mm
– Sliding system with 2 tracks + screen (mid-size) or 3 tracks + screens (mid-size)